Exposé Hencse

Die Ferienanlage Hencse in Ungarn.

Introducing a very unique investment opportunity in Hencse, Hungary. It includes three separate property and development opportunities as part of the single offer. The three opportunities in the offer are:

  1. Leisure and Recreation Park
  2. Golf club
  3. Country for development

Hungary has become more and more a destination where people want a second home or where seniors choose to live because of the existing infrastructure and living standards and security.

With its sub-Mediterranean climate and above-average hours of sunshine per year, Somogy County is a popular destination for tourists and for those wishing to relocate to Hungary.

Only 80 km south of Lake Balaton, 40 km to the Croatian border, 2 hours to Zagreb, about 4 hours to the Adriatic Sea and 100 km to Slovenia, Hencse is a famous region which can be reached from Budapest in about 2 hours can be reached by car. Hencse can be reached from Vienna within four hours by car.

Hencse can be reached by air via the local Pécs Airport, 60 km away, or from Sármellék near the famous Lake Balaton, which is only 1 hour and 15 minutes away. For light aircraft there is an airstrip at Kaposújlak, about 20 km from Hencse.

Die Lage von Hencse in Ungarn.
Die Ferienanlage Hencse in Ungarn.

Option 1: Leisure and Recreation Park

This development opportunity comprises 103 Acres of land ideal to build a holiday resort and/or residential villages in a landscaped natural setting.

The residential villages could be complemented by shopping facilities, a wellness centre, a health center with thermal baths, a hotel and conference centre, sports and recreation facilities, a multi-denominational church, a crafts centre, all in a safe and controlled environment.
Other facilities might include an equestrian centre, lakeside walks, fishing, nature trails and an open air amphitheater for entertainment and easy access to the adjacent golf course. Outdoor sports facilities such as tennis, bocce, volleyball and basketball courts could be managed from the wellness center. A planned lakeside restaurant for residents and guests, as well as a restaurant with craft shops, cafe, wine bar, etc. in the tobacco shed. Cross-country skiing, jogging and cycling paths can also be expanded.

The property has two large fishing lakes. Preliminary studies have shown that there are also thermal waters on the site. Therefore, this element can also be included in a later use. The site already has a reception building and restaurant. A first planning for a holiday resort is available.
Several foreign companies have investments nearby, including Italian, Belgian, Dutch, German, Austrian, etc.

Option 2: Hencse Nationals Golf & Country Club

Hencse Nationals Golf & Country Club is an 18-hole championship golf course that opened in 1994. This golf park is known as one of the best golf courses in Hungary.

Built on 224 Acres on rolling hills at the southern tip of the Zselic nature reserve with several lakes and over 26,000 planted trees, the Hencse National Golf & Country Club attracts guests from all over the world.

On the golf course there are buildings with over 40 apartments, a large private house, a restaurant, a kitchen, a wine cellar and a small thermal pool.

Der Hencse Nationals Golf & Country Club in Hencse - Ungarn.
Der Golfpark in Hencse - Ungarn.
Die Grundstücke in Hencse - Ungarn.

Option 3: Land for development

This 4.4 Acres property is directly connected to the Hencse National Golf & Country Club. In this park-like landscape stands a historic building from 1820 – more houses for tourists could be built on the property.

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Holiday and Leisure Park Ungarn Exposé.

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